Noticed our C8 Corvette?

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Automotive SEO

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c8 corvette

Saw this C8? Just interested in the car, not the C8 Corvette Blog or Automotive SEO Services

Learn More about our C8 Corvette below, Follow @c8corvetteblog on Instagram for real time updates.


  • Super Gloss Inozetek Chalk Grey Wrap by Hyer Quality Detail
  • TJ Hunt’s Street Hunter Designs Carbon Fiber Front Lip
  • Updated C8 Corvette Carbon Fiber with Racing Sport Concepts C8 Corvette Body Kit
  • Cicio Performance Lowering Kit with Front Lift 
  • Vossen HF4T 21×12 Rears, 20×9 Front Wheels (black wheels)
  • Updated wheels to BC Forged HCA 318 20×8.5 fronts and 21×11.5 rears
  • Wheels, Tires, Lowering, Clearplex PPF, Window Tint and first Satin Matte Black Wrap by EA Wraps
  • Michelin Pilot Sport 4s Tires
  • Limo 5% Tint
  • Clearplex on Windshield
  • PPF on headlights
  • Kooks Headers with Jet Hot Ceramic Coating Version 1.0 
  • Switched to American Racing Headers (for look and better performance) currently on Version 2.0
  • Soul Performance Sport Cats 
  • Fabspeed Valvetronic Cat Back exhaust. 
  • Cicio Performance AFM valve Module to trick the valves in case we get another Check Engine Light as we did with our Soul Performance Cat Back exhaust. It worked great!
Also, we have not only a passion for car builds, but we have built several SEO companies in the automotive space as well as other niches.